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In addition to trading with the so-called Forex trading, providers for trading CFDs have been gaining popularity for several years. Here we did the test and compared the most famous providers with each other. There are also commissions – some are charged when you deposit or withdraw your money.

I ain't have a really immersive experience in trading with ActivTrades, but during the time I've been trading here I noticed something. ActivTrades team values you found the time to grant us a review of our learning materials. On top of that, you have seminars that also take a solid share in traders' education. The webinars that I found here, from the one point are run quite rarely, from another one - they fully enlighten crucial aspects of trading activity and bring good knowledge. To find out more about the favorable conditions of our Islamic Account, you may navigate to the Islamic Account section on our website, or get in touch with our Middle East desk through

All in all I noticed this broker bets on convenience and it likes to boast its innovative trading platforms and smart tools. Of course, when you have something like this and you propose it to your traders free of charge, why not? Services are excellent, despite the entrance threshold is a bit activtrades review high. However, a higher maximum leverage does not have to mean that the broker is also better. It is true that larger profits can be achieved faster with a higher leverage. However, traders also slip just as quickly into the loss zone, from which they then have to fight their way out again.

  • We check to what extent the trading software corresponds to what we would expect from such a program.
  • We would like to point out that these levers do not apply to all currency pairs.
  • Best trading platforms metatrader 4 and 5, plus innovative activtrader allow you to be fast and make the right orders.
  • On Macdougallecology.ca it is primarily about informing readers about reputable providers in the areas of Forex trading, online casinos, CFD trading and many more.
  • In the section of the maximum lever we say what to think of the offer.

For example, you can include interesting and important news in your overview or change the general view of the individual platforms as you like. We also recommend beginners to use the MetaTrader right from the start. It offers many advantages and can, for example, also react automatically to incoming trading signals. With regard to seriousness, further research is being carried out. The site Macdougallecology.ca is particularly careful to ensure that all readers have an objective view of the broker. Therefore, in addition to the background of the company, we also look at the many different regulations and licensing.

This also includes our own opinions and evaluations of the respective results of our research. An overall assessment is not long in coming and shows how and where the advantages and disadvantages of the broker should be applied. I was kinda suspicious about joining https://forex-reviews.org/ a new company, because it always implies risks.After trading here for a while on MT4 demo account, I realized there is nothing to be scared of. The company is distinguished by fast withdrawals, appealing trading conditions and opportunities to grab some knowledge.

ActivTrades Forex broker review: Why pick them?

You can view the average and what they try to give you in the spread chart under each of the product categories under ‘markets’. The support is not just there to answer your questions or solve your problems, it’s also helpful (when it’s done properly) at returning the funds you unrightfully lost . They don’t appropriate any money that doesn’t belong to them – and that’s a terrific sign. Poor customer support is a great indicator that you shouldn’t bother with a particular provider.

Before we devote ourselves to the "inner values" of a broker, we lay down from Macdougallecology.ca of course, special emphasis on seriousness and reliability. Therefore, we have thoroughly examined all Forex brokers and conducted a so-called background check. In doing so, we look first of all at the company or the company from which the provider emerges. We go into details such as the owner and say in particular, since when this provider has been on the market and how much he had to do with financial instruments in advance. From this, it can basically already be seen how much experience a Forex broker has in his field and how reliable he is.

They were already a great choice in terms of a reputable broker, but what I noticed is that they also make constant changes and updates in their services and features provided. The last thing I recently realized that, I think they have completely removed the minimum deposit requirement. A great move especially for brokers who dont have thousands of dollars to put in a trading account.

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Many CFD brokers also provide their customers with their own eBooks, with which they can educate themselves on very different topics. The widest possible educational opportunities at the broker itself are also considered to be the basis of successful trading for us. In addition, there is also the question of whether a demo account is provided and how long it can be used free of charge.

We must therefore always look at the maximum lever in a differentiated way. Most providers are not only equipped for trading CFDs alone. Instead, they also include a part for currency trading and are therefore also to be called a Forex broker.

activtrades broker review

For example, if a broker has received three reviews on a website and all of them are negative, it does not mean that the CFD broker is actually a scam or that the provider is dubious. We try to differentiate in every evaluation of the broker's services and thereby determine what is really to be thought of the opinions. On Macdougallecology.ca it is primarily about informing readers about reputable providers in the areas of Forex trading, online casinos, CFD trading and many more. The tabbed navigation and gesture navigation support is very easy and efficient in practical use along with smooth UI which does not lag while data is being downloaded from servers. Though the lack of indicators is yet to be overcome and we hope to see them in future updates soon. It’s a basic trading calculator that can be used outside of a trading platform.

Half the brokers out there don’t even let you withdraw your funds. They can have a form to do so, but, at the end of the day, your money will be gone. Some are more honest, but their over-the-top security makes sure it takes a lot of time. Furthermore, every market category has several sections dedicated to spreads, margin details, general information and the timetable of when it’s best to trade in these products. They give you all the help you need to understand whatever it is you’re going to trade in. Indeed, our experts always try to share their insights and nuggets of valuable information so our traders can always get a competitive advantage and edge on financial markets.

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We do our best to ensure our clients' complete funds and data safety, cutting-edge conditions and cozy atmosphere. There are some traders who treat new brokerage companies with a touch of suspicion. Undoubtedly, it's not a kind of ignorance; it's obviously constituted by the fear of facing an improper company. We painstakingly endeavour to provide our traders with precise and accurate charting to display the best available bid/ask prices possible on our assets at any given moment in time. I already had good expectations and got my hopes up before even registering for an account here.

A good customer support is very often an indicator of an honest and transparent organization. The tools, however, are the technical instruments designed to improve your trading experience. Most can only be installed onto your MTs, which is a good reason to use them. There are also several basic tools and features to help you with the simple and advanced trading strategies and methods. The design of the interface is not the least amongst the advantages of this platform.

activtrades broker review

When making withdrawals, customers must pay attention to applicable fees and costs that may be incurred per withdrawal. The best brokers offer at least one withdrawal per month completely free of charge. If you can handle your money and deposits well, you should be able to cope with it. Each broker provides its customers with its own trading software.

The offer of the CFD broker

There are also many optional ActivTrades tools that can be requested for your interface. As you can see, AT gives you a lot of room for trading and strategy-making. However, to make the most of it all, you have to know more about the tools featured here. The following overview should help you to find the best broker with the most individually suitable offer.

The Trustpilot Experience

For instance, there’s ‘Trailing’ (a tool that helps you control your losses by placing stop-loss levels wherever you want), Hedging features and several indicators and charts. A significant part of our tests and experience continues to consist of accurately presenting the offers and explaining what a Forex broker can particularly score with. The support times are also taken into account, i.e. the times at which support staff are available. In addition to the brokers listed here, we also have our own section for CFD brokers with no margin requirement . Firstly, the spreads are fairly tight, and can go down to 0.5 pips. The average is, certainly, often higher than that, but not by much.